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ALR's Cybersquatting Problem


Due to aggressive spam filters on a new email server, our original decade-owned URL,, lapsed during our hiatus and was snatched up by cybersquatters, Maxory LLC, an off-shore St-Kitts / Nevis-based LLC that deals exclusively in this kind of questionable business. They are now trying  to sell books online using our trademark, but be assured: ALR is no longer associated with our former URL nor with this shady ghost corporation. They are also attempting to auction  the site, which has moved them into the legal definition of bad faith in cybersquatting under the ACPA. We're asking for your help in this situation. 



1. While we proceed with expensive and lengthy litigation, please help us diminish the tarnishing and dilution of ALR's reputation by linking to our new URL and informing current link owners across the web about the now spurious nature of our former URL. Also, do not visit our former URL as traffic is what they most desire. 
2. Anyone able to uncover the names and addresses of any officers or employees of Maxory LLC so that we can pursue them directly (hopefully in US courts) will be doing us a great favor we won't soon forget. 
3. Any longtime readers wishing to contribute to our legal fund, please contact us at  

Best of Absinthe Literary Review
issue TBA 

Due to our editorial restructuring, a substantial backlog, and our issues with cybersquatters, the Best of ALR Poetry issue will be published on some indefinite future date.

ALR Seeking 
Readers/Associate Editors

ALR is again seeking qualified individuals to read and potentially edit short fiction or poetry. All positions are non-paying volunteer positions, though this subject will be revisited when we make the eventual jump to print. This is a great opportunity for up-and-coming and college level writers to bolster their writing skills, editorial acumen and credentials through exposure to a broad range of fiction or poetry. Prospective applicants should first read our submission guidelines to see if they can read with an effective eye to ALR’s editorial mission, and then submit a query letter including general qualifications, a succinct and pertinent C.V. and writing samples in fiction or poetry. We may additionally ask candidates for references, though it is not necessary to submit them with the initial query. Candidates must have the technological capability of reading PC format document files (Word, RTF, text files, etc.) and should have some email program that allows receiving subs and the composition of email responses. Subject line of query must read “ALR Position Query” or it may be deleted. Applications may be made via snail mail as well (see guidelines for address).   

The Winner of the
Absinthe Editors’ Prize is:

Muthoni Garland’s

 “Odour of Fate”

The Absinthe Editors’ Prize is awarded annually to the best fiction, poetry or essay published in the preceding calendar year. Muthoni Garland’s “Odour of Fate” contained everything we at Absinthe look for in a short story: vivid and sensuous description, a perfect balance between prosy and poetic language, a sense of inescapable human obsession, disease, death, sex, you name it! (We even left the Anglican “Odour” alone—a less than common courtesy at ALR, despite our deep appreciation of old Will and his English cohorts past and present.)
Read the prizewinning story “Odour of Fate.” 

The Absinthe Literary Review Chosen as Premiere Literary Site for LOCKSS

LOCKSS, a system dedicated to archiving important online material, has chosen to work with ALR as the premiere online literary site for their program. A group of British and American Literature librarians from eight institutions self organized to identify high priority, high risk electronic-only titles for preservation through the LOCKSS system. They submitted an initial list of about fifty titles. The selection criteria for this group was intellectual merit. The technical team reviewed this list and chose to work with ALR and one other online literary journal, Blackbird. Selection criteria was based on publisher technical competence. The librarian team had representatives from:

Indiana University
University of Chicago
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin
Florida State

These eight institutions are expected to be the first places ALR will be preserved. A list of all institutions participating in the LOCKSS beta test is available online at There are roughly 80 libraries in this list. In addition to Stanford, the New York Public Library, Indiana University, and Emory University are partners on the LOCKSS project enabled by a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation. ALR is proud to be chosen as one of the first LOCKSS literary sites, and our editors look forward to working with the above institutions on this laudable project in the interest of permanently preserving important online literature.


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New Rules for Absinthe Editors’ Prize

We are happy to announce that eligibility for the Absinthe Editors’ Prize has been expanded to include all work published in ALR in each calendar year. As a result, the Eros and Thanatos Prize has been discontinued. Further details can be found in our submission guidelines.


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