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Alphabetical, By Author


Shane Allison – Poetics

Charlie Anders – Nomen Catcher

Arlene Ang – Poetics;

Ramon Arjona – Poetics

Madeline Artenberg – Poetics

Bob Arter – That Gladrag Razzmatazz

Karen Ashburner – In that place on the corner of First and Main


Carol Bergman – My Ellipsis

Robert James Berry – Poetics

Graeme Bes-Green – Poetics

Robert P. Beveridge – Poetics

Al Billings – Far Enough South

Ace Boggess – Poetics

Eric Bosse – The Dog-Faced Boy

Zoe Brigley – Poetics

Janet Buck – Poetics

Amy Templeton Buckley – Poetics

Suzanne Burns – Poetics

Amy Burr – Poetics

Andrea M. Bussell – At Night


Nancy Callahan – Scraping Craters

Danella Carter – What He Came For

Larry Centor – The Rabbi’s Sermon

C.E. Chaffin – Poetics

Veronica Chater – John Donne: Bulimic Bore?

Candi Chu – Billie and Vincent

Todd Christopher Cincala – Poetics

Jai Clare – A Man of Shapes

Nils Clausson – Poetics

Alan Clinton – Tarot: A Passive Aggressive Handbook

SuzAnne Cole – Poetics

Autumn Collins – Poetics

K.R. Copeland – Poetics

Gary Cozine – Poetics

Jeff Crandall – Eros and Thanatos Poetry

Maria Cuervo – Poetics

M. Allen Cunningham – Inscription

Jameson Currier – What You Learn

Chara Curtis – Conditions



Henri d’Mescan and Davis Schneiderman – Summary Execution

Anita Dalton – The Date

Tomi Danaher – After Deliverance

Alison Daniel – Poetics

Katy Darby – Poetics

Holly Day – Poetics

Jason DeBoer – 
Essays: Fierce Language Introduction;
Bataille Versus Theory;
Masochism and Regicide;
The Fatal “Theory-Fiction” of Jean Baudrillard;
Eschatology and Orgasm;
Sublime Hatred: Nietzsche’s Anti-Christianity;
Edgar Saltus: Forgotten Genius of American Letters?;
Laure: The “True Whore” As Muse;
Blood, Fuck, God: The Prodigal Crimes of Gilles de Rais;
Fiction: A Prodigy Swoons

David DeKrey – Honorable Discharge

Richard Denner – Poetics

Hugo DeSarro – Poetics

Rosanne Dingli – The Astronomer’s Pig

Thomas Dobe – Poetics

Vanessa Dodge – The Biryani Boy

Kevin Dolgin – Water

William Doreski – Poetics

Marnie Bullock Dresser – Poetics

Liam Durcan – Aura


David Erlewine – Moving On

Anna Evans – Poetics


Richard Fein – Poetics;

Barbara Fletcher – Poetics

Carolyn Forde – Sashimi Cashmere

Anne Marie Fowler – Poetics

Alexandra Fox – Bonsai

David Francis – Poetics

Mare Freed – A Subway Triptych

Janis Freegard – Love and Lust

Miriam Fried – 101: A Romance

Tom Fugalli – Poetics


Avital Gad-Cykman – The Spirit of His Will

Andrew Gallix – Sweet Fanny Adams

David Gardiner – Poetics

Adrian Gargett – Sekret Suicide

Muthoni Garland – Odour of Fate

Sarah Goodwin – Poetics

Jack Granath – The Windstorm, a poem

John Gray – Hard of Reading

Tony Grist – Poetics


Chris Haberman – Poetics

Meredith Davies Hadaway – Poetics

Christine Hamm – Poetics

Doug Hatt – Complications

Maryann Hazen – Poetics

A.W. Hill – The Grotto

C.J. Hopkins – The Network


Beverly Jackson – The Day Room

Rhoda Janzen – Poetics

Erik Johnson – Feminist Theory: An Introduction


kris t kahn – Poetics

Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis – Poetics

Jarret Keene – F.P.S.

Elizabethe Kelley – Gnosis of Kardia

Ward Kelley – Poetics

Cheryl Klein – Faux Snow Rabbit and Black Mountain Orphan


C. E. Laine – Poetics

Tua Laine – Last Time in Paris

Marlene Leach – Little Lost Man

Steve Lester – Poetics

Robert Levin – Why I Married My Wife

Sebastian Levy – Poetics

Oswald LeWinter – Poetics

Robert Lewis – The Pursuit of Culture: Pitfalls and Epiphanies

James Lineberger – Poetics

Norman Lock – Extreme Cruelty

Duane Locke – Poetics


Andrew MacArthur – Poetics

Dennis Mahagin – Eros and Thanatos Poetry

David Maizenberg – Airships

Lawrence Mallory – Poetics

Joy Hewitt Mann – Poetics

Adrianne Marcus – Poetics

Michael Martin – The Dead: A Poem

Ryan Masters – Poetics

Drew Mayer – The Sum of My Existence

Michael McAvan – Poetics

Karyna McGlynn – Poetics

Lee Minh McGuire – Browned

John Melvin – Poetics

Ken Meyers – The Battle, and the Cais do Sodrι

John Michael – The Syntax of Things

Sarah Miller – Poetics

Barbara Montgomery – Cupboards

Shunit Mor-Barak – Poetics

Frank Morris – Adult Horoscopes


Steve Nelson – Bob Dylan’s Secret, essay


George Ochoa – Nocturnal Anomalies

Christopher Orlet – The Engineer Heartfield


Kimberly Townsend Palmer – Death Poetics

Shann Palmer – Poetics

David Payne – The City Alchemist

Dan Pope – The Red Cottage

Jennifer Poteet – Poetics

Frank Pulaski – The Denouement


Eman Quotah – Death Poetics


Nathan Radke – Dot

James Reidel – Poetics

S.E. Rindell – Cat’s-Eye For Orpheus

David Ritchie – Poetics

Bruce Holland Rogers – Periwinkles

Michelle Rosetta – Braille of Narcissus

Sean David Ross – Poetics

Paul Rowland – Metro-3

Jude Roy – Death Poetics

Martin Rutley – Poetics


George Samson – Poetics

Ryan Scamehorn – Poetics

Daniel Schenker – What Would Wernher Do?

Davis Schneiderman and Henri d’Mescan – Summary Execution

Matt Schumacher – Poetics

Tobias Seamon – Reviewing the Execution

Patti See – Our Lesbians

Oren Shafir – Sometimes a Dream

Sue William Silverman – Eros and Thanatos Poetry

Kimberly Simms – Poetics

Gary Sloan: Essays 
Emily Dickinson: Pagan Sphinx
Moby Dick: Baptized in the Name of the Devil;
Lord Byron: The Demons of Calvinism;
The Rubαiyαt of Edward FitzOmar;
Robert Frost: Old Testament Christian or Atheist?;
Shelley: Angelic Atheist;
Stephen Crane: The Black Badge of Unbelief

Anthony Neil Smith – Javaphobia

Michael Standaert – Poetics

Richard Stone – Poetics

Donna George Storey – The Blindfold

Jeff Strand – I Hold the Stick

Virgil Suarez – Poetics

Christopher Swan – Poetics


Doug Tanoury – Poetics

Jennifer Thompson – Poetics;

Jon Thorpe – A Public Square

Bob Thurber – Death Poetics

Francis Till – Reminiscing Detroit

John Tisdale – Local Malady


Gerard Varni – The Hole Between Them


M.O. Walsh – Mouthing the Words

Tom Waltz – Emerica: A Nation of Self-Reliance

Richard K. Weems – When Only a Moment Before Humping Savagely the Groundskeeper’s Teenage Daughter, the Quartermaster Pauses Mid-Stroke as the Premiere of an Air Henry Purcell Drifts From His Lord’s Dining Hall

James R. Whitley – Poetics

Shari Diane Willadson – Poetics

J. Kevin Wolfe – Poetics

Ginny Wray – Poetics


Bart Yavorosky – Tenancingo

Ronder Thomas Young – Edge

Joy Yourcenar – Poetics