“Death, having prey'd upon the outward parts, leaves them invisible, and his siege is now against the mind, the which he pricks and wounds with many legions of strange fantasies, which, in their throng and press to that last hold, confound themselves. 'Tis strange that death should sing.”

— William Shakespeare —


short fiction by Stacey May Fowles

“Marnie’s boyfriend is bloated and blue, a heavy drinker who drove into the lake and now lies there motionless as the waves lap the shore and his flesh pulls and pops away from bone. The fish gnaw at his pockmarked skin as Marnie daydreams of him making love to her, daydreams of him making love to a petite blonde undergraduate student whose phone number she found in his gray overcoat pocket.”

by Aoife Mannix

“The doctor advised against them
identifying the body,
so they sent her uncle instead.
Years later he confessed to her
how after that he started to drink heavily.”