The Absinthe Literary Review

by Steve Lester

Three Body Problem

Anyone who knows a little physics

can calculate the gravitational force

between two readily observable bodies.

Two masses moving together trace 

ellipses in the sky, a fluid firmament 

of my hips and your downward dog.


The three-body problem is much more

difficult to solve. It seems like a good

idea at first, but the dynamical systems

quickly lapse into chaos. Be it your

friend or mine that joins the foray,

the forces of attraction that arise


cannot be resolved with differential

equations, never mind our genitalia.

The Legend of Zelda

When we first got to know

one another, you were


Priapus, ready to ravage

at a raise of my brow.


Now your prick reminds me

of a Nintendo cartridge.


I keep having to blow it

to try to make it work.

This One Aught to Be Up Your Alley

Bowling is to cunnilingus

as the head

pin is to the clit:


itís certainly possible

to roll a strike

without hitting it,


just not very likely.

Love in the Time of SARS

Lugubrious lips, pouting

pink bright and bursting


with pathogens waging

jihad, flaying flesh


from host to hostess,

but none so gracious:


now that youíre afflicted

Iíve never so badly needed


to grab you and kiss you

in full, licking the blades


of your labia in defiance

of disease, demonstrating


the difference between

the infected and the sick.


© 2005 Steve Lester

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