by Shann Palmer

How do you feel about Bach?

to John Cage fans

keystroke delicacy pressed
under grass splendidly
shooting through broken panes
taken through the heart

Seibert numbered seventeen
John was three-sixteen
everybody heard the radio
everybody chooses light or dark

Seibert didnít go to war
reservation baby boy
Delfina foamed the hope away
when Ramses walked the park

yesterday came sullenly
and revolution failed
eventually we junked our bonds
bought the horse with our cart...

There is no local access number in Winnemucca*

when youíre there thatís the only place you can be
put out the light and get some sleep
enough to carry the weight of the world
in a handbag handjob hand over hand
over easy on the eye do you understand
or will I have to smack you? Shh! Family business
itís our little secret put it in the cupboard
with your cupcakes Mrs. Robinson

never abuse the help never arouse the master
never pretend the lieís the truth never court disaster

jelly bean earrings answer it! It might be Mother
and her wire hangers-on bended knee every groupie
takes her do into consideration I know I do do you?
Jelly belly back to back basically we never left the fold
make it hospital corners POOH! You took my childhood
I thought I gave it away but it was never mine

To give and give and give again

hymnody hermnal as if changing letters changed minds
as if changing underwear brought on the accident
isnít that why you changed in the first place?
A case en pointe infanta dilettante

Mamma told me not to go and was it moonlight
becoming you I didnít have my glasses on
if I look away I see the same star wish whisked
away in a blown glass goblet because somewhere
the human hand has to take the horns jihad
dilemma-d at some point it all gets duller and duller.

* from a story by Jim Gove, editor of Baker Street Irregular 
(formerly Minotaur)


©1999 Shann Palmer

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